Friday, February 21, 2014

Calf Eh.

I've been up to my ears in wiring the last few weeks. This connector consists of 6 wires and many of those go to the alternator so they're kind of important. Each wire was cut in half and secured with bubble gum and electrical tape that was losing it's grip. So I had just enough slack to cut it all out and soldered it up and put shrink tube on. Good as new. 

While I was at it I removed the entire harness and went through it all. I found tons of really questionable connections. I soldered them all, installed heat shrink, and then checked each wire for continuity. All should be good in the wiring department. I also ran wires for the turn signals that I will order very soon here. I then wrapped the harness again in electrical tape and put it all back together. I then went to turn the key and got nothing. Nothing. So...unwrap all that tape and start looking for the issue. I finally found it in a bad switch for the ignition. Replaced that and all was good in the world again. Taped it all back up and....done. Oh the only issue at this point was that the led indicator in the tach that goes to oil pressure would not come on with the key. I verified that the led was good by sending 12 volts directly to it. Continuity of the wire was solid. Making a jumper wire and going from the sensor wire to the block made the led light up so I was pretty sure the sensor was bad. I even used a 6 amp charger connected to the sensor body and the top (with an inline resistor) and turned it on for less than a second. This was to try and fry the gunk inside the sensor in the hopes that it would shake it loose. No good. For a bit I was worried that the issue was the fact that the sensor is supposed to be lighting up an incandescent bulb instead of an led. I wired up a relay to see if this helped. Nope. I finally broke down and bought a new/used one on ebay for 9 bones and it showed up today. Used a little plumbers tape, installed the sensor, and the led now works with the key.

This is a picture from last weekend before I got the oil pressure led sorted. Now I can control no lights, parking lights only (if I choose to run that type of turn signal which I'm not planning on), head lights, low beam, hi beam, and horn. All I have left to do for this part of the project is install turn signals, and wire up the kill switch.

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