Sunday, January 19, 2014

Birthday Cafe

So today I am 41. I don't feel 41 at all. In fact...I feel closer to 60. 

Today was gorgeous up here and my big day had a lot going on. I'm pretty sure I have an ulcer right now so I'm laying off coffee (which is a real bitch) as well as beer (although I have had some beer today's my birthday). I've also been taking Zantac for about a week now and feel much better. After some morning Chai, I went down to the garage. It's so great to work on the motorcycle with the doors open. Since I don't really have a ton to do right now, I decided to look at some of the wiring harness. I've been thinking about doing this for a while now but I've had bigger things to do. I'm glad I did it today. This was the first thing I found. 

Then I found quite a few more questionable splices. I also found 2 wires that were just cut and left hanging.

I got this cleaned up, put back together and hooked up the battery tender. Heather and I took the pups for a walk and then went to watch the new Mark Wahlberg movie Lone Survivor. If you like military type movies, I highly recommend it.  We had some BBQ for dinner and then came home to relax.

I've been thinking about making a workbench for the motorcycle project and I'll probably start on that tomorrow. It's a real pain to bend over and work on stuff for a few hours. Stay tuned. 

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