Monday, April 22, 2013

Revelate Designs Repair

About a month ago my security in the garage was breached by a rodent. Said rodent gained access into a remote location of the garaginous zone and found it's way into some of my bikepacking gear. Over a year ago, I ordered 2 of these Mountain Feedbags from Eric at Revelate Designs. I have not used them yet. I did, however, put some food in one of them and leave it in there. In hindsight, this was not a good idea. Not at all. My one complaint with Revelate is that Eric does not use more robust fabric in his designs. I was upset but, in the end, victory was mine. I set a trap in a corner baited with an erotic mix of chocolate and peanut butter that no mouse could resits. In less than 24 hours I tasted success. And blood. 

Fast forward to today. I received some information about a trail that I am planning on attempting a through ride of within the next month. I began pouring over maps and trying to determine how many calories to bring. How much water was available on the trail? How much of it would I need to carry? How light could I go? How much beer should I bring? I'm still not certain. I did think that this would be the perfect ride for these bags though. First, I had to go about determining if the damage was able to be repaired or if I would be making a call to the frozen north tomorrow morning. I found similar material in this MSR bag and cut it to fit. Then I started sewing. With just a needle and thread. Unlike Eric, I don't need fancy machines. I would have liked to put the lettering on the inside but I used the letters to make sure the makeshift patch was straightish to satisfy my OCD.

The finished product turned out just fine. Eric's design lives on. Mouses be damned!! Now I shall be able to carry less food on my back for the all out assault that is soon to come. Details on that ride to follow. Hope you all were able to sew something sweet today.

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