Saturday, November 10, 2012

Colorado Trail

For about 2 weeks after I got back from Durango I did not drive a car at all. I rode my bike everywhere because my head wasn't right. I zoned out all the time. I was an emotional wreck. Eventually I started to drive again and now I haven't touched a bike in about 2 months. Just the other day I started thinking about my bike again and maybe riding it sometime soon. I also started looking at bike related websites. I happened to look at the CTR website and saw that the grand depart for the 2013 race will be run from Durango to Denver. Should be extremely interesting. Going in that direction presents an entirely different ride and entirely new logistics. I might do some light bikepacking/touring with a fly rod but I am seriously looking forward to not having such a strict schedule for riding/training this summer. Not sure if I'll do that again.

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