Thursday, October 11, 2012


With my wagon, I am always opening up the hatch to either put stuff in or take stuff out. I practically sit in the back when I'm getting ready to fish. I have always hated the stupid light back there because I can never find anything and it's frustrating when I night fish which I'm doing a lot lately. So I decided to take care of that tonight. This picture does not do justice to how useless the stock light is. 

I started by removing the headliner trim at the top of the hatch. Laying just above the trim piece in this picture is a 2 foot stretch of LED lights and they are super flat.

Once I got everything measured twice and lined up, I started drilling holes.

This was a pain in the ass. I did not feel comfortable just measuring once and drilling all of these holes so I did one and then taped the strip down and measured where the next hole should go and on and on. After all the holes were drilled I had to clean everything up.

I then hot glued the strip of LED's down and then checked to make sure I had the wiring correct before putting it all back together.

This is so much better than the stock light and it looks factory.

Next up I'll do LED's in the dome and map lights.

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