Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thompson stem

I went down to look at stems today because I'm still struggling with my neck and upper back. The fellas at Colorado Cyclist were kind enough to let me install this 120mm, zero degree stem and go for a ride in the balmy 13 degree temps to see if it was any better. It raised the bars another 20mm and brought them back 5 mm. Unfortunately, I'm in pain just standing so I couldn't really tell much of a difference on my lovely test ride but it sure can't be any worse. I like their seatposts but haven't ever been a huge fan of their stems but it's not nearly as bulky as I thought it was going to be. Perhaps once the arctic conditions up here subside, I can get out for a little jaunt.

Gooood Lawwwwd that's a helluva lot of spacers. I look at all of my other bikes and just cringe when I see the drop from seat to bars.

I wonder if the folks at Eriksen could whip me up a set of titanium ape hangers? Even that probably wouldn't look as odd as this wannabe snow bike.

After I left the bike shop I went to the Urgent Care to get some x-rays done on my neck. I'm really hoping they show something that would explain the pain. Not a day goes by that I wish I hadn't heard that 5 year old dare me about NOT being able to do a front flip on her trampoline. No way that thing was regulation size. Because of her I now gotta ride around lookin' like a damn fool on a bike fit for the circus.

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